Safety Certification - Preparatory Courses

“SAFETY AT WORK” is a motto used at all work places, all over the world in all industries. The safety culture is continually improving and this has opened lot of avenues in various industries worldwide for young, aspiring and trained candidates. Demand for Trained and certified professionals in the safety departments is on the rise.
Safety (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, United Kingdom) offers a comprehensive range of globally-accepted qualifications in Safety.
Safety qualifications are recognized by relevant professional membership bodies as well , and is given lot of credibility while employing personnel to the safety departments of various industries.

AIS is an accredited training provider for Safety certification Exams. On completion of the training at AIS, Candidates will be prepared for the examination conducted by Safety for the respective certificate.
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IICL Exam preparatory courses

Containerised mode of transportation has brought with it revolutionary changes in the worldwide trade and transportation of goods.

The number of containers used for transportation is always increasing. The value of goods transported in these containers is high and this has brought up the need for a proper inspection of these containers to avoid any damage to the goods during transportation.

Institute of International Container Lessors ( IICL) was established in 1971 in United States, when containerization was just emerging as a major transportation system, to promote standardization in container inspections and certifications .

The IICL Container and Chassis Inspector's Certification Examinations are held once a year around the world in various test centers.

AIS offers coaching classes to candidates for the Container Inspector Certification exams conducted by IICL.
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Australian Maritime Safety Authority(AMSA) approved training programs

From the time immemorial, High seas has aspired kids and grown-ups alike. A career at Sea is always a dream for the youth due to the challenges, job satisfaction and lucrative pay scales.

It also leads to various openings ashore for those who are interested in occupying prestigious positions at management level.

AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) is the official Maritime approval body of Australia.

AIS, under the approval of AMSA, in collaboration with IMETA and Hunter TAFE, conducts Phase I of Class III Deck Officer programme. This is an innovative programme , offering flexible training opportunity with strong path-way for aspiring students to emerge as an enthusiastic DECK OFFICER and work for companies world wide at attractive international wages.
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